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Intuitive Admin Console Easily manage your chatbot’s knowledge base from one convenient location, including the ability for administrators from multiple teams to design responses for their respective content paths and keep it in sync with the backend database.

Custom Chat Interface Point your users to an intuitive and customization chat interface complete with rich messages. Or embed the chat window in your website to provide quick and easy conversations.

Managed Fulfillment While Dialogflow allows users to build powerful conversation models, aligning backend fulfillment with a growing number of intents and entities can become complex and time consuming. DIDI’s fulfillment architecture allows you to easily enable new topics and modify existing ones in real-time, without worrying about the backend.


A tier for everyone

Basic (Admin)


  • Admin Console
  • One chatbot
  • FAQ Module
  • No Integrations

Standard (Admin)


  • Admin Console
  • 10 Chatbots
  • *All modules
  • *Integrations

Beyond (Developer)

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  • Admin Console
  • 100 Chatbots
  • *All modules
  • *Custom Integrations
* Coming Soon


Experience, Simplicity, Speed


As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Dito has experience developing sucessful chatbots for our customers.


With the DIDI Admin Console, you can go from zero to a live chatbot in just a few minutes.


DIDI is the manifestation of our internal chatbot framework as a managed, scalable, and self-service platform for anyone to use.

Used by developers, IT admins, marketing professionals, HR officers, and more to quickly and easily build out public chatbots for their users.

DIDI gives users the tools they need to build a chatbot:
  • Friendly Admin console for curating knowldegbase
  • Managed backend fulfillment
  • Capturing Missed Queries fot chatbot training
  • Customizable Chat Interface
  • *Pluggable Modules for different use cases

DIDI Admin Console

Inituitive, Simple, Centralized

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